Dalia Carella Presents: Annual Summer Immersion, July 21 - 23, 2017

Teachers: Dalia Carella, Diane Hutchinson, Mariyah and Nahoko Sugiyama
Class Location: Nola Studios (250 W 54th Street, New York City) - Studio info below

Individual Classes, Day Passes & Mix-n-Match Options available! Scroll down for full class descriptions. 

Sunday July 23, NYC
Dalia Carella's Annual Summer Gala

Featuring dance performances by Dalia Carella, Nahoko Sugiyama, Mariyah, Diane Hutchinson, Diego Aleixo, Curt Douglas Hampstead, DCDC Performance Project Dancers & Immersion Participants!

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Place: Hungarian House, 213 East 82nd Street (bet. 2nd & 3rd Avenues)
Tickets: $20
Wine & Beer Cash Bar!


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CLASSES (Please read carefully for Individual Classes and Day Passes. Scroll down for Mix-n-Match Options.)

Friday, July 21 - Diane Hutchinson - Get Moving: A Total Belly Dance Body Warm-up
6:30-7:30 pm, Nola Studios (250 W 54th Street, New York City), Studio A

This class is designed for belly dancers to prepare their bodies for class, rehearsal or performance. Combining ballet, yoga, cardio and belly dance movements, this macro to micro warm up targets the specific muscle groups that belly dancers use most to encourage fluidity and strength, as well as minimize the risk of injury. You will come away with your blood pumping and ready to tackle any movements thrown at you! 
$25 pre-registration, $30 at door

Friday, July 21 - Dalia Carella -  Traditional Turkish Roman Havasi Style (No Skirts)
7:30-9:30 pm, Nola Studios (250 W 54th Street, New York City), Studio A

In this class Dalia will be teaching an exciting combination focusing strongly on traditional Turkish Roman 9/8 Karsilama music and dance. “Havasi” is a tempo used in Turkish Roman dance that is high energy and at a faster pace than “Agir” style, which is very slow and can be more percussive. Dalia is one of the foremost teachers in Turkish Roman dance and she has taught her style worldwide. Her organic technique simplifies this dance so you will be able to assimilate the hand gesturing, footwork and pelvic movement more easily. Haydi!
$65 pre-registration, $75 at door

Friday Pass
$80 for both workshops, pre-registration only

Pre-reg closed, Please pay at door

Saturday, July 22 - Nahoko Sugiyama - Fan Veil Fusion Choreography
11 am-1:30 pm, Nola Studios (250 W 54th Street, New York City), Studio 4 - 5th floor

Nahoko will be be teaching a beautiful fan veil choreography using her own unique style of contemporary and belly dance fusion. At the beginning of the class, she will break down fan veil technique, and will then apply those skills to the choreography. Nahoko will use a global fusion music composition called “Storm” by the famous Yoshida Brothers from Japan, who are known to play a traditional Japanese Instrument called the “Shamisen”. These have composers brought a new wave to the old-fashioned traditional music society in Japan. Come and experience Nahoko’s fan veil choreography and Japanese global fusion music! All levels are welcome! Please bring fan veils. If you need to order fan veils, go to or
$75 pre-registration, $85 at door

Saturday, July 22 - Dalia Carella - El Mundo Skirt Choreography: Find your Duende!
2:30-5 pm, 
Nola Studios (250 W 54th Street, New York City), Studio 4 - 5th floor
This high energy skirt class is a  fusion of Bellydance and Latin Caribbean hip movement with Flamenco and Latin Caribbean skirt work! We will use skirt work movements from the Puerto Rican folk dances called Bomba and Plena and embellish them with Flamenco skirt movements from Spain. Powerful and passionate arm and hand technique will be taught to accompany this choreography. We’re going to heat up the dance floor with this fiery and sassy movement combination that you can incorporate into your own show stopping performance. Please bring a full skirt to class, no slits.
$75 pre-registration, $85 at door

Saturday Pass
$140 for both workshops, pre-registration only

Pre-registration Closed for Sunday - Pay at Door

Sunday, July 23 - Dalia Carella - Theatrical Dance Oriental Veil Fusion
11 am-1:30 pm, Nola Studios (250 W 54th Street, New York City), Studio A - 11th floor

Looking for different ways of expressing yourself? This class is geared to teach dancers to transfix audiences by creating movement and shapes with fabric. Dalia’s unique approach to veil work is the culmination of combining Oriental Dance with different styles of dance and expressions together throughout the years. Become one with the veil, feel its intensity, feel its beauty. An expressive and passionate choreography with new movements will be taught to inspire you to use both in night club and theatrical performances. Please bring a 3.5-4 yard veil.
$75 pre-registration, $85 at door

Sunday, July 23 - Mariyah - Oriental Dance with Zills (Zills Optional)
2:30-5 pm,
Nola Studios (250 W 54th Street, New York City), Studio A - 11th floor
Learn exciting combinations and finger cymbal patterns in this class by one of New York City's sought after performer, Mariyah!  Mariyah's style is fluid and dreamlike, while combining passion and fire as well. This class will culminate in a complete choreography, versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings as a stand alone piece or part of a full routine. The final choreography can be performed with or without finger cymbals
$75 pre-registration,  $85 at door

Sunday Pass
$140 for both workshops, pre-registration only

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Summer Immersion Cancellation Policy: Absolutely no refunds - If you cannot make your class, you can sell your space.


Dalia Carella is an internationally renowned Near/Middle Eastern and world fusion solo artist, choreographer, master teacher, and the Founder/Artistic Director of the Dalia Carella Dance Collective. Dalia has delved deeply in Near Eastern and Turkish Romani dance, as well as Flamenco, Indian, Bollywood/Bhangra, Afro-Haitian, Samba, Salsa, Bomba and Plena, Tango, Jazz and Ballet. The dance forms Dalia teaches around the world are Dance Orientale NYC Cabaret, Belly Dance Contemporary, Flamenco Araby, Turkish Romani and Belly Dance with Tango Elements. Her rich background has lead her to make works utilizing both ethnic and contemporary movement. She is known for her explorations into cultural dance forms, her precise and seamless blending of traditional and modern dance in the theatrical context, and for her dark and sultry cabaret styling. Of her 2004 New York City off-Broadway show “In Search of A Goddess”, Lisa Jo Sagolla from Backstage wrote: “Dalia Carella has star power. Performing a highly original fusion of Middle Eastern, modern, and other world dance forms, she bewitches her spectators, while seeming to excite herself, with a sizzling allure that is almost frightening.” Dalia numerous concerts and teaching tours have led her throughout the US, Canada, England, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, China, Japan, Italy, and Turkey.

Diane Hutchinson trained in modern, ballet and jazz, studying at The Neighborhood Playhouse, The Mark Twain School for the Gifted and Talented and The Brooklyn College Preparatory Center for the Performing Arts. She also studied Near/Middle Eastern dance with Dalia Carella. She dances with The Dalia Carella Dance Collective, a global-fusion dance theater company, and JP Dance Group. She teaches dance and yoga in NYC.

Mariyah is a dance artist, choreographer, instructor and one of NYC's most well known bellydancers  In addition to her performance of classic Oriental Dance, Mariyah is a theatrical artist drawing on a variety of movement forms, the depth and diversity of bellydance, and her passion for myth, mysticism and poetry to create dances which evoke archetypal figures and a journey of the spirit. Distinguished by her graceful and evocative dance style, she has performed countless shows for weddings, events, and cabaret and theater stages in the NYC area and beyond. She is a member of the Dalia Carella Dance Collective since 2001, a cofounder of Entelechy Dance Theater and Infinity Bellydance, and collaborator in a number of wonderful projects. Mariyah is a featured instructor in the DVDs Chakra Dance Flow and Belly Dance Drum Solo. For more information about Mariyah, please visit

Nahoko Sugiyama began her study of Middle Eastern dance in Tokyo, Japan. Her passion for this beautiful dance form led her to New York City to pursue her career and study with master teachers such as Yousry Sharif, Jehan Kamel, Samara and Dalia Carella. Her move to NYC afforded her opportunities to attend artistic performances in different dance genres that inspired her to create fusion dance style as well as Oriental Dance. She is a former member of Mosaic Dance Theater Company and has been a member of Dalia Carella Dance Collective since 2011 September. Nahoko also studies various dance forms in New York City including, ballet and modern dance at Dance New Amsterdam and Peridance and recently Ballroom Dance.