COMBOLICIOUS - Every Tuesday Night in NYC! New Classes in July! Dates: 9, 16, 23, 30

Note: Discount 4-class DancePak available 1st week of the month (no refunds) - after that, drop-ins are welcome!

About Combolicious Classes - Dalia Carella Performance Dance Techniques - Intermediate to Professional Levels
This month’s topic: Vintage Orientale and Presence

Join Dalia Carella every Tuesday night for her performance focused technique class. If you're looking to add more innovative movement to your dance repertoire and are serious about sharpening your performance skills, this class is for you! Dalia focuses on guiding dancers to improve their musicality, to really connect the music to the dance & make their dance performances more impressive, creative and beautiful -- extremely useful for stage, nightclub and special event performances! Hobbyists are also invited to learn & explore Dalia's unique fusion style. New unique combos every week!

*If you are interested in performing with the Dalia Carella Dance Collective, this class is essential for Dalia to see how you work with her direction and choreographic style.*

When: 7:45 - 9:00 pm
Where: Anahid Sofian Dance Studio - 29 W 15th Street, 6th Floor
(ring bell and take elevator) 
Cost: $22 for single class, $72 for a 4-week DancePak -- save $16! (may be purchased in advance online or on first day of series)


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Dalia Carella’s Annual Summer Immersion
July 19 - 21, 2019 with Dalia Carella & Special Guest Artists Ozgen and Tava Naiyin

Classes in: Rumba Oriental Fusion, Vintage Dunyavi Romani with Skirt, Flamenco Araby with Fan, Finger Cymbal Musicality, Turkish Roman Drum Solo, Vintage Oriental Veil, Turkish Roman Theatrical


Don’t forget about the sizzling Gala Show!
Sunday, July 21, 2019
Featuring Dalia, Ozgen, Tava & more!

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Pre-registration has closed for Saturday classes, please pay at the door to purchase classes for Saturday July 20th.

Saturday, 7/20 - PMT Dance S
tudio, 28 W 25th Street, 2nd Floor - Studio B

11 am - 1 pm: Dalia Carella - Flamenco Araby with Abanico (Fan) - Rumba Flamenco is a style of Flamenco music and dance with an Afro-Cuban Rumba influence. This class will focus on Dalia's dance concepts blending Flamenco, Arabic Dance (Belly Dance) and Afro-Caribbean fiery skirt work while using an “abanico” (Flamenco Fan). We will be focusing on putting together some fiery and passionate combos possibly leading to a choreography. Please bring a Flamenco fan and a full, ankle-length skirt without slits.
$65 preregistration, $75 at door

1:30 - 3 pm: Tava Naiyin - Goodness Gracious Great Zills of Fire - Are you stuck in triplets and gallops? Developing musicality is essential and there is no greater way to connect with your music than to think like a musician while you dance. Students in this workshop will learn patterns that push and pull on the rhythms, purr softly and excite with unpredictability. In addition to learning how to play in a way that never overshadows the music song but adds dimension, Tava will also share finger strengthening exercises and post-zilling stretches. Pin and move myofascial release techniques will help to prevent overuse injuries. Please bring zills.
$50 preregistration, $60 at door

Break: 3-3:30pm.

3:30 - 6 pm: Ozgen - Turkish Roman Dance - Ozgen is a highly sought-after and respected international teacher in his theatrical style of Turkish Romani Dance. Ozgen, of Turkish heritage, has developed his passionate and fiery style for many years in a very unique way. In this workshop, he will help you explore his exciting vocabulary of 9/8 Turkish Romani dance by teaching you a passionate choreography. Join him all the way from London and experience his powerful creativity in this art form.
$75 preregistration, $85 at door

Day Rate for Dalia, Tava & Ozgen -- $180, preregistration ONLY (Save $40!)

Sunday, 7/21 - PMT Dance Studio, 28 W 25th Street, 2nd Floor - Studio B

11 am - 1:30 pm: Dalia Carella - Vintage Oriental Veil
- Dalia has been dancing Near/Middle Eastern Dance since the late 70s! The art form has evolved since then but there are some beautiful, vintage moves that deserve a comeback! In this class, Dalia will teach a vintage choroegraphy using oriental music and veil technique that captures the essence of that old school nightclub scene, and can be seamlessly integrated into your routines. There will a strong focus on floor design, musicality and stage presence, all timeless skills that any dancer needs! Dalia will be using the beautiful music “Batwanes Beek” by Warda, a classic! Please bring a 3.5 - 4 yard veil.
$75 pre-registration, $85 at door


2:30 - 5 pm: Ozgen - Turkish Flavor Drum Solo - Ozgen is known throughout the world for his spellbounding and innovative percussive drum solos with a Turkish Roman Flair. His musicality is flawless when it comes to creating an exuberant, playful and action packed drum solo. Buckle your seat belts because you will be in for a ride in this workshop. Not to be missed.
$75 pre-registration, $85 at door


Day Rate for Dalia & Ozgen -- $140, pre-registration ONLY (Save $30!)


No Refunds on classes!

Dalia Carella
is an internationally renowned Near/Middle Eastern and world fusion solo artist, choreographer, master teacher, and the Founder/Artistic Director of the Dalia Carella Dance Collective. Dalia has delved deeply in Near Eastern and Turkish Romani dance, as well as Flamenco, Indian, Bollywood/Bhangra, Afro-Haitian, Samba, Salsa, Bomba and Plena, Tango, jazz and ballet. The dance forms Dalia teaches around the world are Dance Orientale Cabaret, Belly Dance Contemporary, Flamenco Araby, Turkish Romani and Belly Dance Tango Fusion. Her rich background has lead her to make works utilizing both ethnic and contemporary movement. She is known for her explorations into cultural dance forms, her precise and seamless blending of traditional and modern dance in the theatrical context, and for her dark and sultry cabaret styling. Of her 2004 New York City off-Broadway show “In Search of A Goddess”, Lisa Jo Sagolla from Backstage wrote: “Dalia Carella has star power. Performing a highly original fusion of Middle Eastern, modern, and other world dance forms, she bewitches her spectators, while seeming to excite herself, with a sizzling allure that is almost frightening.” Dalia numerous concerts and teaching tours have led her throughout the US, Canada, England, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, China, Japan, Italy, and Turkey. 

Ozgen is an internationally, most sought after and acclaimed Turkish dancer, teacher, choreographer and director. Specialising in Turkish Oriental and Romany (Gypsy) dance, Ozgen is keen to promote the Turkish form of Belly dancing to global audiences, and to further establish himself as one of the best Oriental performers in the world. He is regularly invited to give workshops in Britain and abroad, and to perform at international dance events and Belly dance festivals across Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Ozgen also offers private tuition to people of all levels, from beginners to professional dancers, as well as choreographing dance routines for events and music videos.

Tava Naiyin - A lifelong dancer and lover of music, Tava is known for her ability to connect with diverse audiences at weddings, restaurants, cultural events, parties and corporate events in NY, CT and NJ. She also offers lectures/educational programs for colleges, universities, women’s clubs, historical societies and schools. Tava is driven to share cultural context, history, regional styling and rhythms of the dance in order to shed stereotypes and embrace cross-cultural understanding via the arts. With performance credits spanning the East Coast (from Maryland to Montreal) Tava is honored to share dynamic and celebratory bellydance performances with audiences all over. She credits her teachers, mentors and colleagues for their continued inspiration to learn and grow as a dancer.