Coming soon!  Dalia's Online Lessons are almost here.  Expect them early Spring! If you cannot come to New York and study with this world renown master performer and instructor, you can now take a lesson with her in the privacy of your home. Ms. Carella is known internationally for her creative, innovative and passionate dance styles throughout the Middle Eastern Dance Circuit and Mainstream Theater. This page will inform you of all the online classes/workshops and performances for purchase and download on to your computer!

Classes Topics:

Dalia's Dance Warm-ups & Dance Techniques
Theatrical Belly Dance  - Sass with Class
Danse Orientale (Belly Dance) Nightclub Style
Dalia Carella Veil Technique and Choreograpy
Flamenco Araby with Skirts, Fans, Armwork
Turkish Roman, Oryantal Style "Old School Method",
Turkish Roman, Traditional with footwork and gesturing
Dunyavi Roma Dance with Skirts

More to come later.....