Dalia Carella Presents: Summer Immersion Gala Show 2019
With Special Guest Artists Ozgen Ozgec & Tava Naiyin!
Sunday, July 21 at The Cupping Room in NYC!


To purchase: Pay at Door

Join us for an incredible evening of live music by Souren Baronian, Mal Stein & Robert Bagosian, and featuring an amazing lineup of dance performances by Dalia Carella, Ozgen Ozgec, Tava Naiyin & Immersion Dancers: Hila Sabine, Shru Ti, Lucy Travaglino (Lucia), Gabriela Figueroa, Zobeida Ghattas, Mika Beserume, Gabriela Benedek, Lily Tsai, Zohra Merikhi, Jacqueline Shimmiezz, Kirah, Hallie, Alla Boroditsky

Sunday, July 21
The Cupping Room, 495 Broome Street (please use this entrance instead of West Broadway entrance)
Doors open @ 6:30 pm
Tickets: $25 (you are responsible for making a reservation for a table with The Cupping Room, or pay at door)

For information about the Summer Immersion Workshops & to preregister, go to: http://www.daliacarella.com/classesworkshops



Menagerie d'Arte

Dalia Carella Dance Collective and DWebb Designs present: Menagerie d’Arte - "A surreal and immersive dance experience" - 11/30-12/2, 2018. Click on: http://www.daliacarella.com/menagerie-darte/ for tickets, info, etc.


She: Featuring NYC premiere of The Abduction of Genoveffa

October 22-25, 2015

Triskelion Arts, Muriel Schulman Theater, 106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, NY



Dancers: Dalia Carella, Diane Hutchinson, Mariyah, Layla Isis, Irina Akulenko, Nahoko Sugiyama, Autumn Ward, Stephanie Vartanian

"SHE" is a dance theater show in two parts that evokes the female voice, heard and unheard. Curated by internationally renowned Dalia Carella, Artistic Director of the NYC-based Dalia Carella Dance Collective (DCDC), “She” is a powerful representation of the myriad aspects of womanhood.

The first part will feature some of the finest New York City World Dance Artists that will depict feminine archetypes: matriarchs, femme fatales, and goddesses, as well as explore modern day female values.

The second part will be DCDC's 2015 NYC premiere of “The Abduction of Genoveffa”. This multidisciplinary docudrama tells the story of Dalia’s grandmother, Genoveffa, who at sixteen years old, who was previously engaged to the man she loved, was abducted, forced to marry her abductor and leave Italy for America. The core of this presentation will focus on how her destiny changed forever in that one despairing night. This passionate dance piece will lead you on a tumultuous journey from her survival through bitterness and loss, to her will to triumph with motherhood and family.

Special Note*  This project is a huge undertaking, with travel to Italy for research, rehearsals, salaries for 11 dancers, press materials, etc.  If you would like to donate, go to the Kickstarter page here. Thank you!


*click here to see video of the new Triskelion Arts building*